JSConf.Asia 2018: MicroFrontend, best practices and more!

And here we go: this time is about a talk I gave in Singapore in the beginning of this year. I was asked to make a presentation about some changes I’ve done, this time in a famous Property platform in Australia at JSConf.Asia 2018 in Singapore last January.

The talk is sharing some common issues that happens in some projects and how to solve them. We start them with the goal of validate the business and after that we realise we have to improve the application. In some points the pages are so coupled that's hard to deliver fast, do it with proper confidence or even scale the project page by page having lot of benefits, such as start resilient decoupled applications!

This is the video of my talk published at JSConf channel on Youtube.

Unfortunately, I can't show the code example, but if you are interested in check the code and understand the approach, that’s the repository I shared with the Micro frontend approach.

willmendesneto/micro-frontend-pages _micro-frontend-pages — Docker orchestration for micro Frontend pages

You can also check the slides of this talk on my Slides.com:

**Micro Frontend: a microservice architecture from your frontend web apps

I am really happy and proud of this presentation and share some of the points about Micro Frontend with some folks, having great chats after my talk…that's the best feedback I can receive.

If you like it, feel free to share it with other programmers, developers and engineers. I would like to share my congratulations for all conference organisers, speakers and audience. You are amazing!

That’s all folks. Thank you so much and see you soon!


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