DevFest Siberia: Frontend improvements, Angular and snow!

I was asked to make a presentation about some changes I've done in a famous Wagering platform in Australia at DevFest Siberia, a Russian conference in Novosibirsk in September of 2017.

The talk is sharing some common issues we can find in every project, such as how to improve performance, architecture, maintainability and other topics to evolve your platform and some patterns and approaches you can use to make it easier, sharing how that worked and the benefits of using them.

This is the video of my talk published on Youtube.

You can also check the slides of this talk on my

Frontend evolution on 1st wagering WebApp in Australia

I am really happy and proud of this presentation. I was really excited, because this presentation was on the biggest stage and at really good time and in a amazing audience and country.

If you like it, feel free to share it with other programmers, developers and engineers. I would like to share my congratulations for all conference organisers, speakers and audience. You are amazing!

And… I saw snow for the first time!


That's all folks. Thank you so much and see you soon!


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